MISSION STATEMENT: "As children of God, We are moved by the Holy Spirit to Speak out for God, Share our faith, and Serve others in Christ's Name".

2018 Church Council Officers

  • President: Mrs. Jerilyn Iacono
  • Vice President: Mr. Thomas Graeff
  • Secretary: Mr. Daniel Lozier
  • Treasurer: Rev. Rosa Key
  • Ex Officio:

2018 Church Council Members

        • Ms. Leonorann Iford
        • Mrs. Joan Firth

        • Ms. Mary Beth Beyer

Church Staff
  • Pastor: Rev. Bruce Davis Bridge Pastor
  • Director of Music and Choir: Jeanne Gates Sach
  • Preschool Teacher: Cathy Lynam
  • Financial Registrar:  Mary Robinson

 Ministries of  the Congregation

The church council consists of lay members and the Pastor, responsible for the following ministries: Christian Education, Evangelism, Finance, Property, Social Ministry, Stewardship and Worship & Music. The following is a brief description of all ministries/committees.

  • Christian Education: It is the responsibility of this committee to oversee Sunday Church School, Pre-School and to assure proper preparation is given for First Communion and Confirmation by the Pastor and/or Lay Leaders. Striving to maintain volunteer teachers, curriculum maintenance, and special programs are the mainstays of achieving these requirements.
  • Mutual Ministry: It is the responsibility of this committee to invite all congregation members to share their thoughts, comments, joys and concerns with our Pastor or anyone of our members.
  • Evangelism: The main purpose of this committee is Evangelism, which means to speak out for, and to bring others to Christ. Our focus is three-fold; to grow by bringing in new members, to reach out to in-active members and to encourage participation of our regular members by cultivating and developing new ideas and programs.
  • Property: It is the responsibility of this committee to oversee the maintenance of the church buildings and grounds. As well as act as intermediary between church and outside contractors by securing estimates, presenting to council/congregation and assuring the work is completed as approved and in a timely fashion.
  • Communications: The Communications Committee is responsible for public relations, graphic design, photography and website.
  • Personnel: It is the responsibility of this committee to maintain/oversee staff and resolve any related issues.
  • Worship and Music: The Worship and Music Committee is responsible for the musical direction and song selections.
  • Social Ministry: It is the responsibility of this committee to provide service to the congregation and community through various activities such as feeding the homeless, maintaining food pantry, flower delivery etc.
  • Stewardship: Solicits financial commitment of members through pledges and special programs. Encourages membership to dedicate their time and talents by their church involvement.
  • WELCA (Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America):
  • Sports:

Preschool Staff

      • 4-Year Old Class: Mrs. Barbara Coppack
      •  2- & 3-Year Old Class: Mrs. Catherine Lynam
      • Assistant:  Mr. Joshua Iford

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